Our Story

passion for wine. faith in our dream.

I grew up in a small house in Sonoma surrounded by a vineyard. I loved watching each season bring different stages of growth to the vines, beginning in Spring when the tender leaf buds and the tiny grape clusters began to form.  The flurry of activity at harvest time was always so exciting to watch. The desire to live among the grapevines was always in my heart and I knew that I never wanted to leave the beautiful Sonoma Valley. Fortunately, I met Rogelio, a young man who felt the same way. We believed in each other, dreamed and dared! We got married, started a family and began our life's journey.

In 2005, we purchased a small piece of land in Sonoma, built a house and with the help of my uncle Nicolas we planted our first estate vineyard. We experimented with our fruit for a few years, while my cousin Luis taught us how to produce a wine we could be proud of and our dream of Fathia Vineyards became a reality!

By 2011, we bottled our first wines under our family name, Fausta. Then, in 2015, we took another brave step and decided to change the name of our winery to Fathia, which means VICTORIOUS. Fathia honors all the people who have been part of this journey and whose hard work and friendship gave us the courage to pursue our dream.  Under our former name, Fausta Family Vineyards, our 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon was presented with a Platinum award by the Sommelier Challenge International Wine Competition and 89 points by The Wine Enthusiast. Our Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon was awarded 91 points.

In 2014, we released our Muscat Canelli under our new label, Fathia Vineyards.  In the summer of 2017 we released our very first Rose of Pinot Noir.   During this same year we released our very first Carneros Pinot Noir.

From the beginning, when I first began to dream of my own vineyard, my mother's loyalty and encouragement have been ever present and her many sacrifices made it possible for my family to prosper. Her generous spirit and kind heart have always inspired me.  She taught me that with hard work all things are possible! We will continue to learn, dream, create memories, make new friends, and produce wine that we are proud to share with you!

We are Fathia Vineyards and our journey has only just begun!

Salud y Sueña

Fausta Franco-Guerrero and Family

Fathia means VICTORIOUS!

Well balanced, soft tannins and supple fruit (blackberry, blackcurrent). Overall tasty, mouthwatering and easy drinking Cab from Sonoma. - Director of Wine, Mandalay Bay, Delano and Four Seasons Las Vegas

We were warmly welcomed by Tita (Fausta) and Roy. Their story speaks volume of their passion and perseverance to chase a dream together and succeed. It was quite endearing listening to Tita describe their beginnings and as it relates to the different variety of wines she had prepared for us to savor along side a plate of different cheeses, chocolates, fruits, crackers and even honey. Our tasting journey started with the Viognier (a personal favorite for its tropical essence) and the Sauvignon Blanc. We then transition to 2 distinct Cabernet Sauvignons (2011 & 2012). We ended to another favorite of mine, the Muscat Canelli. The best part of the experience was not only the actual tasting but, the time spent by each one to describe the flavor personally. It was both fun and educational to hear from Tita and every member of the Team. Each description shows the diversity of the flavor profile and preference of every taster. 

Fathia Vineyards offer a variety of award winning wines. Their wines provide very distinct flavor profiles that can vie preference from discerning wine enthusiasts, whether experts or neophytes like myself. From the first bottled wine named after their family, Fausta, to its current name Fathia, the tradition embodied in this vineyards honors the people that joined in Tita and Roy’s journey which in turn they graciously shared with us during that visit. Fathia means victorious and Ariandne, the Greek goddess, wife of Dionysius, which means “utterly pure,” are very powerful in describing the story of Tita and Roy, which they share in the flavors of their wines. - Jaime Lam, New York Restaurant Consultant